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Why Hire A Private Yoga Teacher?


Private Yoga Session: $95

Private Yoga 3 Sessions: $255

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Benefits of a Private Session

We have heard from TOO many potential students that they feel intimidated to join in on our regular public yoga classes. We understand!

Maybe you are new to yoga and want to explore it in a private setting before going to a public class.  Or maybe you are already an active yogi and want to focus on specific areas of your practice or tailor your practice because you are recovering from an injury.  Either way, a private yoga class is a great fit. 

5 Benefits Of Private Yoga Instruction By Dr. Deepak Chopra:

  1. You’ll learn how to get into and out of every pose safely. The instructor can provide yoga props to assist you in getting into, going deeper, and getting out of the poses.
  2. Your practice will be tailored for your body and medical conditions. This is something that is much harder to find in a public setting.
  3. You’ll get input to help you understand the mechanics of the poses.  This information and alignment tips on how to get the most out of each pose mean you’ll see results quickly and gain confidence in your practice.
  4. Your practice will be tailored to fit you spiritually and mentally, as well as physically. Instead of a general practice, your private session will be tailored just for YOU.
  5. You’ll get holistic tools you can employ both on and off your yoga mat. “Everyone could use tips on how to stand taller, sit upright, and stretch properly before exercise. Moreover, certain breathing techniques will get you through the tough times in life. But the best thing a private yoga instruction will give you is the opportunity to help you see yourself at a different level, to go deeper to the place where your spirit shines, and to help you shine that light outward for others to see.” Deepak Chopra

Here are 5 Reasons you should hire a private yoga instructor by Dr. Deepak Chopra:

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