Memorial Day Sales + Specials!

Dear Kula,

Happy Memorial Day! It is a time to pause in remembrance during this late spring, almost-summer phase before we all get very busy, and we are happy to offer some specials to lure you into going inwards and making time for yourself now AND throughout the summer!

Please note we have not forgotten our second homeowners and summer visitors!

    As many businesses in CB, Y4P struggles at this time of year, so to be honest we always have to get a little creative and come up with promotions that are win-win for everyone. We hope you will find something that works for you and thanks so much for your support! Enjoy the last days of spring and please come by this weekend in between our classes for sidewalk sale specials!

Friday 1:30 – 4FullSizeRender-2

Saturday 12 – 2:45

Sunday 11 – 5

Monday 11 – 5

Om Love, Monica

Thrive Yoga Crested Butte
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