Fall Equinox Tidbits & New Studio Space Update

Dear Kula!

March 20, 2015

Today is the last day of winter and the eve of the new moon that
coincides with the fall equinox tomorrow! These two have not coincided
for hundreds of years and so we have an auspicious day upon us

This is what we call a Sandhya, or sacred junction, as we transition
from winter into spring, and the qualities of joy, renewal, and life
returning emerge. The equinox marks a time of sweet balance where
night and day are equal. We are in the peak time of the Uttarayana, of
increasing light. It is a wonderful time to check inside and notice what
is growing and evolving inside us and what we can leave behind in
order to pave the way for new life to emerge.

We will celebrate together at the YOGA MALA 108 where we practice as a
collective body prayer practice to set our intentions for the new
season. There have been many sicknesses, Injuries, and tragedies in
our community so with that in mind we will be doing 54 relaxing
Namaskars and a healing mantra for 54 rounds. This will be our last
yoga mala in this space and so there may be a bittersweet quality to
it, but ahhh, such is life for us to embrace change and allow the flow
of the river to guide us to the next sacred space.

unnamedThe next two weeks Jackie and I and many of our community and staff volunteers will be busy little bees working on our new space to make it just as special as our old space. We welcome any generosity from your heart that you would wish to offer at this time of transition so please let us know if you would like to help in any way. Although this is a temporary space, we want to make it special for you!

Please note our spring schedule below and the special we are extending to you all season in gratitude for your support during this time and welcoming the change to our new space. Blessings upon your path and may it coincide with our path!

Om Namah Shivaya!


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