November Kula News!

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Today it is snowing! We have had a wonderful fall so far here so we can’t really complain. November is a quiet time for most people in CB, and it is a sweet time at the studio because our locals come back after some long summer and fall months, and new people find their way over to the studio as well. We miss our visitors and second homeowners, but won’t be long till the holidays bring them back. 

Fall is travel time for me, and landed me in Colombia to finish a 200-Hour Prana Vinyasa Teacher Training in Bogota.  This is the first group of Shiva Rea certified teachers in South America, so I am very proud to have been able to facilitate that program! I also taught a retreat at one of my favorite places on the planet on the Santa Marta Coast. This is a very mystical place, where the Caribbean meets the Sierra Nevada mountain range. You can be snorkeling in the crystal blue water and see the snow peaked mountains! Hidden in the jungles are the indigenous peoples of this area called “the heart of the world” whose sole purpose is to help “the younger brothers and sisters” (US) to take care of our mother earth. I was blessed to have a shamanic session with one of the healers and have them grace our retreat for a few days. It was very special to be amongst these simple people who have been living simply and peacefully, only recently beginning to integrate into modern society. Going to Colombia, my country of origin, is always a profound experience for me, and I come back so full of the people and culture that runs in my veins and makes my heart burst.

We just wrapped up our second annual 200-Hour Prana Vinyasa Teacher Training here, and will finish the third one (with people coming from Oklahoma, NYC, and Boulder) in December. It is such a huge joy to see how they have blossomed throughout the months of the training, and a bit like letting butterflies go when they graduate. We are thrilled to begin our 2015 training in February, and boast wonderful guest teachers Govind Das, Maria Garre, Jennifer Ellen Mueller, and more to come! We are so honored to be one of the few studios in the world that are able to certify people to be teachers in Shiva Rea’s Samudra Global School of Living Yoga!

Thanks so much for your support this time of year, and accept our gift to bring a new client in for only $10 for the whole month of November!

All my Omlove!!!
Your Monica Dasi ~

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