September Kula News!

Dear Kula,Please talk to Monica before using this photo. Thank you!

I realize that some of you may disagree with my stance on the bud light event, but it has been very disturbing for me on many levels. The secrecy that has kept many of us from knowing about this event, the ethics behind it and the divisiveness it has caused in our community has been very disappointing. What I hope comes out of this is that our town government learns the importance of keeping the community in the loop, that we continue to create appropriate, well-planned, approved and executed events to foster a sustainable economy and that community members learn to be respectful and mature even when they have differing opinions. There is healing that needs to take place in our community after this event passes, and I hope that Thrive Yoga Crested Butte can be a part of it. We are sorry we have to close due to this event. We typically close for only ONE day a year (Christmas Day)!

It is with great honor that Thrive Yoga Crested Butte is a part of Vinotok this year. Marci Telander and I will be hosting The Red Tent for women only, and there are many more wholesome and soulful events throughout the week to take part in. There is a party aspect that has evolved in Vinotok, but don’t be mistaken, this event is a celebration of the harvest of fall which helps us to lay the past aside and plant worthy seeds for the fall season. I think that it will be very meaningful for many people this year.

We have some wonderful events coming up this September! The new fall schedule, new boutique items, exciting workshops and more!

The exciting news for me is that the “straw stomping” part of my home where the walls of my house go up coincides with my birthday week! Anyone who would love to be a part of this please let me know. It will be a straw stomping birthday party and I will bring cake and ice cream for everyone who helps!!!

May we all join together this fall, remember that we have much more in common than we don’t and allow the peace of yoga, meditation and sangha to heal and empower us on our path.

OM Love!


Thrive Yoga Crested Butte
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