June Kula News!

Dear Kula,

Yay summer is right around the corner!!! We have the most exciting schedule ever coming up that begins on June 16th! We have great teachers, great classes, amazing presenters, beautiful boutique items, a fabulous front desk staff and even Monday night Kirtan all summer!


This spring we had some very special things happen. A newcomer to Y4P from California was referred to us by one of our teachers and fell in love with the studio and what we do in the community and asked if “there was anything we needed”, because he wanted to help us. I was very surprised and wasn’t quite sure what to say, but I did still have our Christmas ‘Wish List’ up on the wall, so I showed it to him. He took the list and started to check things off that he thought he could do. The next day he came to my class and afterwards actually told me to put my jacket on and that he was taking me shopping! The rest is a little bit of Y4P history. We now have a fabulous laser printer, two new beautiful carpets, a hard drive, and many other things that were greatly needed. Another special Austin family donated the airline tickets for Govindas to be able to come this July. We had another man who doesn’t even do yoga donate! To me these things show that there are wonderful, generous-hearted people out there who want to help make the world a better place, even when they don’t get a tax deduction for it! Due to this, and many more stories, we have made it through the off-season and have had our most successful year ever! I have been praying for Y4P to be financially stable for years and my prayers are now being answered.

Thanks to ALL of you who are part of our dream of providing yoga for everyone! All of this generosity enables us to continue to offer prizes to non-profits, donate to causes, provide classes that benefit HCCA, Center for The Arts, CB Parks and Recreation and never turn anyone away due to income. Lets keep paying it forward!

Happy summer!

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